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Directory of cetacean protected areas around the world

This directory of marine protected areas and sanctuaries with cetacean habitat has been derived from both the first and second editions of Erich Hoyt's book, Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (2005 and 2011 published by Earthscan), with additional new entries.

Entries can be accessed using the "Search MPAs" function located in the top right corner of each page of this website. The marine region numbers correspond to the world's 18 marine regions as defined by the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). The MPA number is as used in the book (either first or second edition). Some entries are only found in the first edition or in the second edition, while others are in both editions and these entries contain both the original and updated information.

New entries (post 2nd edition) have been numbered by marine region and using the next available MPA number in each region. These new entries can be searched for using the "Advanced MPA Search" function and by entering "new entry" into the "MPA name" field. The "Advanced MPA Search" function can also be used to search the directory by country and/or species. To use the advance search click here.

To see the complete cetacean habitat directory of more than 900 MPA and sanctuary sites, click here.

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Additions, updates and corrections

We welcome your additions, updates and corrections to the cetacean habitat directory for MPAs and sanctuaries. In order to help us to make this an evolving, valuable resource click on the links below which will take you to the appropriate form to fill out.

Please be as accurate and complete as possible, although partially completed forms are also valuable. Please be sure to give us your contact name and email so that we can follow up if something is unclear.

To provide updated, expanded or corrected information for an existing entry, click here.

To provide information for a new entry for an MPA or sanctuary (proposed or existing) not listed in the directory, click here.