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2nd Edition of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - CONTENTS

List of Figures, Tables, Boxes and Case Studies

1 From Whale Sanctuaries to Marine Protected Areas: Approaches to Protecting Cetacean Habitat

History of marine protected areas and cetaceans Ocean sanctuaries, marine reserves or parks: Which one and why? Biosphere reserves: A strategy for thinking about protected areas Defining and managing for critical habitat

2 The Value of Cetaceans for Place-Based Conservation

Introduction Red List assessment of cetacean species, subspecies and populations Cetaceans as assets for place-based conservation

3 Planning Effective Protected Areas: Steps towards the Design, Establishment and Management of Protected Areas for Cetaceans

Cetacean habitat needs
Checklist for creating better MPAs and PAs for cetaceans

4 The Big Picture for Cetacean Habitat: Planning for Ecosystem Management, Networks and Ocean Zoning

The application of ecosystem-based management
Planning for climate change
Ensonification in an ever noisier ocean
Networks of protected areas
High seas MPAs
Marine spatial planning and ocean zoning
Other pragmatic approaches

5 Habitat Protection for Cetaceans Around the World: Status and Prospects in the 18 Marine Regions

Marine Region 1: Antarctic
Marine Region 2: Arctic
Marine Region 3: Mediterranean and Black Seas
Marine Region 4: North West Atlantic
Marine Region 5: North East Atlantic
Marine Region 6: Baltic
Marine Region 7: Wider Caribbean
Marine Region 8: West Africa
Marine Region 9: South Atlantic
Marine Region 10: Central Indian Ocean
Marine Region 11: Arabian Seas
Marine Region 12: East Africa
Marine Region 13: East Asian Seas
Marine Region 14: North and South Pacific
Marine Region 15: North East Pacific
Marine Region 16: North West Pacific
Marine Region 17: South East Pacific
Marine Region 18: Australia-New Zealand


List of Acronyms and Abbreviations