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Marine region number 5 MPA number 54

MPA Name (English) Wadden Sea Nature Reserve
MPA Name (Local) Waddensee Nature Reserve
Current Status Existing, to be expanded to include proposed SACs

Country EUROPEAN UNION Transboundary MPAs
Location • In the coastal waters of Denmark (SW), Germany and The Netherlands
Size • Extends 12nm (22.2km) from the coast

Cetacean name
• harbor porpoise, other cetaceans transient
Cetacean name
• Phocoena phocoena, other cetaceans transient
Other species • grey seal, scoters and other seabirds

Rationale • This international reserve administered tri-nationally by Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands contains three national parks, as well as SAC and SPA proposals that would expand the protection levels.
• Not designed to protect cetaceans, this reserve does include some harbor porpoise habitat (see also Harbor Porpoise Sanctuary (5.19) and Sylter Außenriff SAC (5.20), both listed under Germany). This area was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is on the OSPAR MPA list.
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