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MPA Name (English) Niginganiq National Wildlife Area
MPA Name (Local) Niginganiq National Wildlife Area
Current Status Existing

Country CANADA
Location • Isabella Bay on Baffin Island, Nunavut, from coast out to 12nm (22km)
Size • 1298 sq mi (3362 sq km)

Cetacean name
• Jul–Sep: bowhead whale, killer whale, narwhal (migratory)
Cetacean name
• Jul–Sep: Balaena mysticetus, Orcinus orca, Monodon monoceros (migratory)
Other species • harp seals, ringed seals and polar bears

Rationale • First proposed for an MPA in 1987 by WWF-Canada and Clyde River community groups (original name: Igaliqtuuq National Wildlife area); now in process of probable designation with territorial, aboriginal and federal (Environment Canada) management under the Canada Wildlife Act as a NWA; a much more extensive marine-based area (extending N and S into Davis Strait) is also being proposed as a biosphere reserve.
• Proposed in part to protect critical habitat in Isabella Bay used by endangered Baffin Bay/Davis Strait bowhead whales for feeding and resting. Bowhead photo-ID work is being conducted, with studies of food availability and feeding ecology; conflicts may develop if oil and gas development are allowed in the critical bowhead whale habitat in the bay.

Post 2nd Edition
• Ninginganiq National Wildlife Area (NWA) was designated in 2010 and is the largest NWA in Canada, measuring over 3360 sq km.
• Ninginganiq NWA is managed by Environment Canada in partnership with the Ninginganiq Area Co-management Committee of Clyde River, Nunavut.
• Access to Ninginganiq NWA is restricted except for Nunavut beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can harvest wildlife (including collecting migratory bird eggs and feathers) for their economic, social and cultural needs.
Management plan
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