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Marine region number 12 MPA number I

MPA Name (English) Saya de Malha Banks MPA
MPA Name (Local) Saya de Malha Banks MPA
Current Status Proposed

Location • High seas, W Indian Ocean, including small portion of Mauritius and Seychelles EEZs
Size • 33,400 sq mi (86,500 sq km)

Cetacean name
• humpback whale, blue whale
• edge of and off the bank: sperm whale
Cetacean name
• Megaptera novaeangliae, Balaenoptera musculus
• edge of and off the bank: Physeter macrocephalus
Other species

Rationale • Rationale for protection is that these are the largest submerged banks in the world containing a unique seagrass biotope.
• Part of WDCS’s 12 for 2012 and Beyond Initiative, this area has also been recommended as a High Seas Gem (MCBI and IUCN) in 2008 and a high seas case study for CBD (2009–2010). Cetacean surveys are needed in this area to delineate habitat.
Management plan
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